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Multilingual Question Answering at Treble-CLEF 2007

The 2008 QA campaign will be carried out under the umbrella of the new Treble-CLEF and will be officially started in January, when the guidelines will be released. Both main tasks and additional exercises will be proposed. The main task scenario will be event-targeted QA on a heterogeneous document collection (news articles and Wikepedia). Many monolingual and cross-language sub-tasks will be offered. The following additional exercises will be also proposed:

  • The Answer Validation Exercise in its third round will be aimed at evaluating answer validation systems based on Recongnizing Textual Entailment.

  • QAST will focus on Question Answering over speech transcription of seminars.

  • QA-WSD will provide the questions and collections with already disambiguated Word Senses in order to study their contribution to QA performance.

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